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If you are looking for an eye doctor in Tulsa, OK, you are in the right place! Serving the Tulsa area, our optometrists Dr. Lynsey Bigheart and Dr. Shannon Morgans are committed to providing cutting edge service to patients of all ages. In addition to our comprehensive eye exam which implements the latest in eye care technology, our optometrists have been specially trained to provide treatment for eye infections, injuries, and diseases.

Our Eye Doctors in Tulsa, OK Provide Top Quality Service Using State of the Art Technology

Our office provides the latest and best innovations in optometry, treating eye diseases, eye emergencies, and offering corrective therapy. Going above and beyond the rest, our eye doctors look for solutions for patients who have been told they cannot wear contact lenses due to dry eyes, astigmatism, or prescription strength. At Twenty Twenty Eyecare, we strive not only to correct vision with contact lenses or eye glasses, but also to improve vision using superior technology and corneal reshaping therapy. We provide contacts, fittings, and an assorted collection of eye glasses right in our office.

In addition to providing contacts and eye glasses, we also focus on early detection and treatment of eye conditions and diseases like glaucoma and keratoconus. Our optometrists not only test patients' visual acuity during a comprehensive eye exam, but also use a corneal topographer and other tools to create a digital map of the surface of the eye, allowing us to easily detect early signs of glaucoma, keratoconus, and other eye conditions. 

Our office always accepts patients for eye emergencies. Call Twenty Twenty Eyecare before visiting the emergency room. Equipped with the special tools to diagnose and treat any eye emergency including infections, scratches, foreign bodies, or red eyes, we can treat your eye problem in our office. Contact us immediately if you experience any symptoms which might indicate an eye problem, like red, crusty, or watery eyes; sensitivity to light; eye pain; nausea accompanying eye discomfort or pain; vision loss or a diminished field of vision; recent onset of flashes or floaters; an injury to the eye or eye area; sudden blurred or double vision, or inexplicable changes in pupil size.

When it comes to any eye problem, emergency or disease, early detection is key to effective treatment. Our optometrists at Twenty Twenty Eyecare recommend all patients schedule a comprehensive eye exam annually to ensure an up to date prescription and early detection of any more serious eye problems. Call our office today to schedule your annual comprehensive eye exam, contact lens evaluation, or eye glasses fitting with one of our specially trained optometrists. We look forward to seeing you soon!