Special Contact Lenses Used for Special Effects

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Special contact lenses are used mostly for special effects purposes, like the ones we see on actors or actresses for their vampire role or other ghastly roles. These contact lenses are fun and safe to wear if they are adequately fitted and prescribed by an eye care practitioner. A pair of special contact lenses makes any costume one step closer to your target character. It is the great choice of scary, dramatic, theatrical designs suitable for your aimed character.

If you have an upcoming role play and you need special effects for your eyes, then you need a special type of contact lenses. Unlike the normal contact lenses, these lenses are particularly crafted for its effects. Never buy them at a beauty parlor, barter meet, or at any online store without a prescription. Contact lens retailers who operate outside of the law don’t have eye safety as a priority. Thus, buy only at registered eye optical outlets.

Furthermore, before purchasing a particular contact lens, have your eyes tested first. Eye exams for contact lenses include individual tests that are not routinely performed in eye exams for eyeglasses. However, if you are already using contact lens be certain that your prescription is updated, so schedule an appointment for an eye exam, this will guarantee a proper contact lens fitting or prescription update.

Be also aware that it’s more beneficial and practical to have your general eye exam and contact lens exam done by the same eye care professional. Having your eyes checked by various eye care professionals might require extra fees for conducting exams you already have undergone with your previous optometrist.

Also, if you are infrequently wearing your special effect lenses, just like how you properly care on conventional lenses, they need to be properly stored and disinfected between wearing.

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