4 Things You Should Know About Expired Contact Lens

Just like other prescriptions, contact lens prescriptions usually expire after a year; You should have an annual eye exam to make sure your eyes remain healthy and your refractive error is unaltered. Your eye doctor can further explain why such are necessary. Never wear Expired Contact Lenses.

Expired Contact Lenses

The contact lens expiration date is printed on the package and is usually written in mm/yy format. For example, a date of 03/18 means that the contact lens is deemed safe to use until the end of March 2018. Make sure you check before wearing.

If you are a wearer who ignores the expiration date then here are four things you should know about expired contact lens.

  1. Beyond the expiration dates, the contact lens manufacturer cannot guarantee that lenses are safe to wear. Despite that the lenses are sealed in an airtight container, it’s possible that the sealed container can become damaged and jeopardized over time, probably leading to contamination of saline solution and lens inside.
    The expiration date on the package displays the last month and year that the container should be free from contamination and the lenses inside are safe to wear.
  2. The doctors of American Academy of Ophthalmology and American Optometric Association confirmed that expired contact lenses should NOT be used. The solution containing the lenses can go bad, it can become more acidic or more alkaline and with an unstable pH (acidity) can cause infection and become uncomfortable to wear.
  3. Bacteria, fungi, and amoebae present on an expired contact lens can cause severe eye infections that can lead to blindness.
  4. When your prescription expires, you won’t be able to buy more lenses until you get an updated prescription, so as the date approaches you should set up an appointment with your eye doctor.

Obeying the expiration date is very important for your safety while wearing contact lenses.

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