Does your insurance cover eyecare?

Vision insurance is a great investment to consider when you or a loved one have eye issues. But what exactly is eye care insurance, does your insurance cover eye care, and why does that matter?

Vision insurance used described as a health and wellness plan designed to reduce your costs for routine preventive eye care (eye exams) and prescription eyewear (eyeglasses and contact lenses). Most vision insurance plans are discount plans or wellness benefit plans that provide specific benefits and discounts for an annual premium, but the discounts can be well worth the price on the insurance. When purchasing vision insurance, be sure to fully understand the costs and benefits associated with the plans in consideration. Also, if you have vision care coverage through a plan at work, be aware that vision insurance plans usually operate differently than other health insurance plans or major medical insurance.

So, does your insurance cover eye care and does that matter? There are some things to consider when making the decision to get vision insurance. First off, vision insurance doesn’t cover everything, it will cover eyeglasses, contacts, and eye exams. However, if these three things impact your life greatly then the cost is worth it as the monthly premium paid will help reduce the total cost of eye care essentials. This should be explored more thoroughly with your provider for better assurance of the plan given. Another thing to consider is how to use the insurance once you have it, otherwise, it will be a waste of money. Be sure to use it as much as possible, for example, after getting an exam ask to know which brands of glasses are covered by the current plan you are on, then after trying on glasses purchase your favorite pair.

Having vision insurance can be very helpful to the patient especially if eye problems are going to be a long-term issue. Vision insurance will save lots of money if intended to help with eyeglasses, contacts, and eye exams. Once again it does not cover other expenses that are most likely covered by other health insurances. If looking to getting vision insurance be sure to go over the benefits that it will allow with your insurer.

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