How to tell when it’s time for eye exams

Noticing the signs of when it is time to get an eye exam is important to keep your eyes as healthy as possible. Creating a schedule or speaking with your eye doctor is a good way to be consistent with getting an eye exam. You should get an eye exam at least once a year, just to stay on top of your health. If you can’t remember the last time you got an eye exam, it’s more than likely time to get one. Here are some many ways to noticing when it is time to get an eye exam.
One of the most simple ways of realizing it is time for an exam is when you notice blurry vision or any change in your vision, especially if it following head trauma. This might be noticeable when reading, having to position the type closer or farther away for better focus. Another sign is if the eyes become irritated such as with itchiness, flashes, spots, floaters, dryness, or becoming red. If you are experiencing eye strain from extensive technology use, this could also be a sign that it is time to get an eye exam.
Difficulty driving or seeing signs at night is also a something to look for and be cautious about. Driving at night is as hard as it is but with blurred or irritated vision it’s increasingly dangerous. A more noticeable sign is if you get motion sick, dizzy, or have trouble following a moving target.
Lastly, a more serious way to recognize when it’s time to get an eye exam if for those who have diabetes or another health condition that affects your eyes. If you know that you have a family history of diabetes or an eye affecting health condition, then getting more than one eye exam per year is probably suitable.
At the first site of any of these issues don’t hesitate to contact your eye doctor and set up an eye appointment right away. As mentioned before, getting an eye exam is essential to maintaining healthy eyes. Do not wait for multiple signs to show before consulting a doctor, be prepared for any symptom that may come your way.