Corneal Vaulting Devices

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What are Corneal Vaulting Devices? When do you know you need them? How can these eye devices improve your vision?

Vaulting Corneal Bulges

Your eye cornea has a natural cone shape. If you have seen any old time camera zooms, you will notice how they move in and out, but maintain that conical shape. That is key to vision. With certain vision problems, you might suffer from corneal thinning. This will make it so that your cornea might be misshapen. It might bulge too much, because it cannot naturally return to its original shape. How can this be corrected? Normal contact lenses might be too flat to work properly. They would tend to rub against your bulged cornea and this could lead to scarring. Therefore, we might consider a vaulted lens.

Minor Vision Problems

If you are suffering from any recurring blurred vision, then you might need an eye exam to check for Keratoconus. This condition could lead to a severe reduction in your vision. Over time, you might not be able to enjoy the same activities. Our vaulting lenses and devices can operate above your cornea. We can make the lens vault above the bulge in your cornea, so it does not rub. Over time, these superior lenses will help your cornea improve its shape and functionality. The goal is to help you achieve better vision, over time.

Improving Your Sight

You should contact your eye doctor to help you with helpful vision aides. You might like simple eye glasses to help you see the world around you. We can decide if you need Corneal Vaulting Devices. Preventative eye care can help you identify any problems or diseases that could worsen. With proactive treatment, we can do our best to keep your vision level as high as possible. There is a reason why they call us Twenty Twenty Eyecare. Our goal is to help you achieve Twenty Twenty vision for as long as possible. Our friendly and knowledgeable team members look forward to serving you. We can find the best vision devices to allow you to see the whole wide world. Tulsa Oklahoma has a great eye care clinic called Twenty Twenty Eyecare. We, at Twenty Twenty Eyecare want you to enjoy the best vision. We answer your questions, give you tips and help you see the world in a whole new light.

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