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Avoid headaches with new lenses
Headaches are the prime result from eyestrain, but how do I avoid headaches with new lenses in the first place? New contact lenses or eyewear can be stressful to the eyes when being prescribed a new prescription for the eyes to adjust to. There are many causes of eyestrain that can be prevented if taken care of properly. Causes of eyestrain with both contacts and glasses can be difficult to control, but relatively easy to relieve.
The main causes of eye strain with contacts could be getting the wrong prescription, receiving poorly fitted lenses, dry eye syndrome, or computer vision syndrome. Getting the wrong prescription does not happen very often, but being given a prescription that is too strong or too weak can cause a lot of strain on the eyes. Poorly fitted lenses are when contacts dry out and tighten up when being worn for several hours. Dry eye syndrome can cause the eyes to become more sensitive to light which results in squinting and in turn causes a muscle tension headache. Lastly, there is computer vision syndrome where headaches can be caused by working at a computer for long hours. Although contacts don’t necessarily increase the chance of getting computer vision syndrome, the contacts can dry out faster and cause more discomfort.
Glasses have almost the same causes for eye strain. The causes of eye strain with glasses could be getting a new prescription or using a computer for several hours. Getting a new prescription with glasses can be difficult on the eyes. It’s difficult because during the times that the glasses are worn the eyes can strain to adjust to the new prescription. As for using the computer while wearing glasses, eye strain is mainly caused by the glare from the screen.
Preventing or relieving eye strain can be simple with these different types of techniques. To avoid headaches with new lenses when getting a new prescription, try to wear the new prescription as often as possible for the eyes to adjust properly. If you are noticing that the prescription you received is off in any way, consult your eye doctor right away. When using a computer, limit how long you work at the computer for and take a break every twenty minutes for the eyes to rest. To relieve eye strain, again take breaks and try relaxing your eyes open in a dark room. Having your eyes open in a dark room allows them to rest without having to focus on anything. To aid when trying to get rid of a headache try taking a pain reliever and continuing one of these techniques.
If you don’t feel sure or comfortable with dealing with a headache personally, consult the eye doctor immediately. If you do decide to attempt in relieving the pain personally, try to be diligent and patient with the process.

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