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2020 Eyecare Blog

Are Contact Lenses a Good Choice for Kids?

Are Contact Lenses a Good Choice for Kids? Contact lenses can offer several benefits over other forms of vision correction for kids. But a common question many parents have is:
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Dr. Lynsey Bigheart Named 2019 Oklahoma Optometric Physician of The Year

Dr. Lynsey Bigheart named the 2019 Oklahoma Optometric Physician of the Year by the Oklahoma Association of Optometric Physicians
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Learning Related Vision Problems

Learning-Related Vision Problems There’s no question that good vision is important for learning. Experts say more than 80% of what your child is taught in school is presented to them
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What Are The Risks Of Developing Glaucoma?

Human eyesight is an incredibly complex system, and a problem anywhere along the way can lead to a seriously compromised vision. One such problem is glaucoma, a group of eye
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Can You Swim with Contact Lenses?

This summer when it’s hot outside and you have the opportunity to jump into a nice cool pool, it may be tempting to do so without taking out your contact
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Diabetes and Your Eyes

Diabetes is becoming much more prevalent around the globe. According to the International Diabetes Federation, approximately 425 million adults were living with diabetes in the year 2017 and 352 million
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