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Is it normal for your eyes to become dry during the winter? What causes this? Is it time for you to see an eye doctor?
Dry Winter Air
Warm wind does not feel like cold wind, does it? Our body prefers to function at a moderate range of temperatures – 50 degrees Fahrenheit to about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. When it is colder than that, our body literally freezes. Your skin, lips, nose and eyes are continually generating moisture. During the coldest months, this moisture is freezing. That is why you must continually add more skin lotion. You might also have more extreme stress on your eyes from glaring, bright, white snow. Salt laid on the highways can also lead to dry eyes. Your eyeglasses or contact lenses might frost up, especially when going from warm indoor environments to cold outdoor environments. Your eye’s tear glands cannot produce enough moisture to maintain the protective liquid coating. Your eyes feel dehydrated. You might get dry, itchy eyes or blurred vision. What can you do to compensate for this dryness?
Moisturizing Eyes
While you cannot change the temperature or humidity outdoors, you can indoors. You can run a humidifier at home to increase the humidity to moisturize your eyes. Stay hydrated. You should carry around a bottle of water and eat more soup during these colder months. You can also add more foods that are filled with liquids, like fruits and vegetables. Your body will try to re-moisturize your eyes. Give it plenty of liquid, so it can do its job. Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Fish Oil Supplements could also be of assistance. These moisturize your eyes.
Healthy Eye Care
We, at Twenty Twenty Eyecare provide you with the full range of eye care near Tulsa, Oklahoma. As optometrists, we can give you an eye exam to ensure that you can see the chalkboard or road signs. We have a friendly eye doctor ready to help you with fashionable eyeglasses or contact lenses. We want you to look good in the most appropriate eye wear. We look forward to providing you with any answers to your eye care questions. We serve the full range of ages – 3 to 70. Stop by anytime and visit our showroom when you are in the neighborhood. Our staff is friendly and dedicated to providing superior Twenty Twenty Eyecare for you and yours.

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