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Did you know some scientists believe they can identify autism based on irregular eye movements? Might your child have these tell-tale signs? Discover how to schedule an exam to find the truth.
Saccades Eye Movements
Scientists are still trying to fully understand the Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Fortunately, they might have been able to find some correlation with eye movements and the disorder. The Autistic Spectrum Disorder might be due to improper brain development as babies. Because of the brain’s control over your eyes, scientists have determined that certain eye movements might reveal if the brain is functioning properly or not. University of Rochester Medical Center scientists have focused on something called “saccades.” Saccades are the rapid eye movements of someone shifting attention from one thing to another. Autistic people have different saccades than normal people. Generally, autistic people have a more difficult time adjusting to situations. That is part of the reason why they become so frustrated. They feel “slow” because they notice that others can accomplish tasks faster than them.
Schedule Eye Exam
By working with your Tulsa eye doctor, you can identify early childhood problems. Our eye care exams might help you find real answers. Your child might not be “slow,” but suffer from autistic disorders. Their brain’s sensory-motor controls are not fast in handling changing environments. Experts believe that babies might have had their balance disrupted while in the womb, which lead to eye and autistic problems. Once you know the real answer, you can create the proper course to optimize your child’s life. Children have great potential, but you must know what you are dealing with, before you can help them develop properly.
Diagnosing Autism Early
It can be difficult to clearly identify certain brain disorders. Of course, you cannot see your child’s brains, but scientists do believe they can see how it is operating with vision exams. This gives them hints on whether your child might have an autistic brain disorder. We, at Twenty Twenty Eyecare provide a comprehensive number of services to optimize your vision. We want you to be able to diagnose any problems early. You can schedule an eye exam to see if there are any problems with your child’s sight. We can find the right eyeglasses or contact lenses, if necessary. Remember, your local eye care professionals of Tulsa, Oklahoma: Twenty Twenty Eyecare.

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