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Dry eye, or dry eye syndrome, can happen to anyone and can be very disturbing. Some of the causes for dry eye are easy to treat, and others can be more challenging but also dealt with simply. The symptoms are relatively easy to spot, and again the syndrome can be treated depending on how the eyes are acting.
The cause of dry eyes consists of about eight different reasons. The causes of dry eye syndrome can be due to lots of reading or digital usage, being in a dry environment, overuse of contacts, and lasik surgery. Some other causes could be from particular types of drugs, not consuming enough food with essential fatty acid or anti-inflammatory foods, certain types of health conditions, and lastly a deficiency of tear-producing glands. If you can find out where the problem is coming from sooner than later, you will be able to get rid of the disturbance much quicker.
The signs of dry eye can either be very distinct or hard to read. The signs could be any of these possibilities; there is blurriness, sensitivity to light, irritation from windy conditions, fatigue of eyes near the end of the day, problems with wearing contacts, scratchy or gritty feeling eyes, excessive tearing, and red eyes. Itchy eyes is also a result of dry eye syndrome but, be sure not to rub your eyes as much as possible when dealing with any of these disturbances as it can cause damage to the eye.
Treating the eyes can be simple once the cause and symptoms are known. The best ways to treat dry eye syndrome is by checking medication thoroughly, eating healthy foods rich in omegas, avoid pollution and irritants, balancing hormones, take care of contacts efficiently, use eye drops, drink lots of water, and simply blink often. Again, if you think you’re experiencing dry or itchy eyes do not hesitate to try some different treatments.
Maintaining your eyes throughout the day can be difficult when wanting to do other things on the agenda. But, try to take care of your eyes by taking precautions before having to deal with the symptoms.

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