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The world is indeed becoming smaller with global fashion styles for eyeglasses. You don’t want to look out of place, do you? Here are the hottest eyewear fashion trends for 2018.

Hot New Year Styles

Eyewear styles allow you to show off your best facial features. Some people might judge you by the look of your glasses. This first impression could mean a lot, especially with complete strangers. It could be important for job interviews. Your eye wear style can also show off what you are focusing on. Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions or goals that you want to achieve? All that glitters is “Gold Accents.” Gold Accents can demonstrate your commitment to excellence. It also meshes nicely with the ‎Pyeongchang South Korea Winter Olympics. You can look like you won a gold medal. Or, if you are shy, you could go with the “Thin Metal” look. This is a minimalist look allowing people to appreciate your unadorned beauty.

Be Yourself

If you want to show off a European style, then the “Flat Matte” look might be something, you can adopt. A more subtle look is achieved with the “Versatile Neutrals.” These can be worn with a wide variety of fashion colors and styles. They also are rather reserved and unobtrusive. This might be ideal for a librarian. If you want to make a splash, then go for the flashy “Distinct Tortoise.” This shows off your individuality and panache. It forces people to pay attention to you. You might look like an erudite monk returning from the top of the world. You haven’t spoken for decades and all of your adoring fans are waiting with bated breath for one drop of wisdom. Make ’em wait.

Fitting In Effortlessly

We want you to have stylish, functional eyeglasses and contact lenses. Your eye care should show off your individuality. Certain eyewear shapes are better for certain facial shapes. We have an eye doctor who can discuss your options. Have some fun in the New Year with new eyewear. Besides giving you an eye exam to find any potential problems, we have the latest eyewear fashion trends. It is a New Year, don’t you deserve a new look? Keep pace with the latest eyewear styles by visiting your favorite Tulsa Oklahoma Eye Clinic – Twenty Twenty Eyecare.

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