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When people think of red eyes, they think of bloodshot eyes. Is something happening to the tiny blood vessels in our eyes or is there another explanation? What can be done to prevent red eyes?
Red Eye Causes
Unfortunately, there are many potential causes of red, irritated eyes. Your pupils are generally white with tiny red blood vessels flowing throughout. When the red becomes pronounced in these swollen blood vessels, it means that your eyes are tired, irritated or damaged. The mildest causes might be smoke or airborne contaminants, like dust. You might have an allergic reaction to pollen, pet dander or perfumes. You might simply be tired. Eye fatigue and eye strain can be caused by staring at a computer screen for too long. Some computer screens use a more natural blue tint that is easier on your eyes.
Preventing Red Eye
The condition of inflamed eyelids is called blepharitis. A broken blood vessel is called a subconjunctival hemorrhage. A red bump on your eyelid is a stye. The most serious red eye conditions could include uveitis or glaucoma. If your red eye worsens, please contact an eye doctor for a closer exam. You should consider your eye care. Are you keeping your eyes moist? Are you able to tear normally? Do your eyes feel hot or burning? Document when your red eye occurs. It could be at the same time of the day. Doctors can also give you allergy tests to see if that is the cause.
Twenty Twenty Twenty Rule
Try not to stare at a computer for too long. Experts suggest that you use a special computer filter or follow the Twenty, Twenty, Twenty rule of thumb. If you work for 20 minutes, look away from your screen at a distance of 20 feet for at least 20 seconds. Unfortunately, some contact lenses can also cause redness. If you want, we can go with eyeglasses. Contact lenses are not for everyone. Our Twenty Twenty Eyecare eye doctor can discuss the best options. We, at Twenty Twenty Eyecare hope to improve your eyecare, so you can enjoy your full Twenty Four Seven. Stop by our Tulsa Oklahoma clinic. If you want to conduct an eye exam for red eye, we can help. We can check off which might be the causes of your red, irritated eyes.

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