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We’ve all been there – you get home late and just want to sleep. You feel like you don’t have the energy to remove your contact lenses. Well, here’s what really happens when you don’t remove them.
Too Tired to Think
After a long day of work or play, you will naturally feel exhausted. You might want to simply jump in bed and fall asleep. But, that is not advisable. Your eye doctor would suggest that you remove your contact lenses, first. Why? The concept is actually somewhat similar to why you should remove your makeup. Your body needs to breathe. Eyeglasses are not rubbing against your eyeballs (cornea), your lenses are. When you sleep, your cornea will actually lose ambient oxygen. This is necessary for it to remain healthy. Of course, if your lenses are still on, your eyes might not be able to do this. The result could be “hypoxia,” which is oxygen deprivation. You also could develop an infection. While awake, tears would wash away bacteria from the cornea; while asleep, the tears can’t get past the lenses.
Remove Contact Lens Routine
The good news is that these are extreme situations, which are more likely to occur if you regularly fall asleep with your contacts in. Hopefully, it would not happen after one late night. How do you know that there is a problem? If your eyes are extremely dry or bloodshot, then you might have some problems with your contacts. If you notice these extreme signs, it might be time to contact an eye doctor. So, what should you do to minimize your chances of getting any serious eye problems? Good eye care involves your removal of your contacts before you go to bed. You also might not want to wear them for a long time. Optometrists might suggest that you wear eye glasses for long events.
Take Time for Healthy Eyes
If you are having any problems with your vision, we can schedule an eye exam. We, at Twenty Twenty Eyecare near Tulsa, Oklahoma want you to have healthy eyes. We know it can be difficult, but you need to make time for your eyes. What would you do without your vision? Make some extra time for your eyes and you will see the difference.

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