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Keratoconus can take an emotional toll on your life and lead to different results from one person to another. It is important to take everything about the condition into consideration so you aren’t left frustrated and uncomfortable in addition to being visually impaired. At Twenty Twenty Eyecare in Tulsa, OK we understand that every patient is unique and will find the best resolution to treat keratoconus and fit your individual needs.

Finding a pair of contact lenses that fit your eye properly will feel like a monumental success for two reasons. One, you can finally see the world clearly. Two, the lenses fit comfortably and feel good on your eyes. If your eyes are not accustomed to contact lenses, find the right pair of eyeglasses before taking the next step to contact lenses. We provide Tulsa with a variety of lenses at Twenty Twenty Eyecare, including rigid gas permeable lenses, which are typically recommended for keratoconus.

Since keratoconus often runs in the family, it is important to ask your other family members about their experiences with the condition and what remedies have helped them as well. Although all cases are unique, they can usually provide some guidance for what has helped them and cut down on the time you take researching different solutions or brands for contact lenses. As your Tulsa optometrist, we will also provide our professional opinion in regards to your family history as well.

Although keratoconus is not something you want to think about all the time, it is important to keep it at the top of your mind before certain activities, such as driving, traveling, or any kind of activity that can have an affect on your eyes. In Tulsa, the weather is hot and the air is dry. Dust and wind can irritate healthy eyes, so make sure you are prepared everyday. Sometimes sitting in front of a computer can even take it’s toll but it’s often due to the natural elements outdoors. Regardless of the situation, take preventative measures to ensure your safety and comfort before leaving the house.

If you have other questions about this condition and how to handle situations stemming from the condition, please call Twenty Twenty Eyecare in Tulsa today to set up a consultation.

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