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Von Arkel

Beyond technology, there is knowhow. Beyond design, emotion. Beyond your eyewear, lies your personality. The Von Arkel brand is born of shared passions.

Over time, the brand’s founders had the wisdom to surround themselves with engineers, designers, master bar turners, as well as master eyewear-craftsmen. Together, they create and build our exceptional frames in their studios and workshops, drawing on a tradition that is centuries-old, in a perfectly synchronised dance of talent.

Last but not least comes the network of opticians and expert resellers the Von Arkel brand can rely upon. Carefully hand-picked, they use their skills and expertise to help you enjoy the very best of the brand experience. Thanks to them, you have perfectly adjusted frames and enjoy exceptional service.

Von Arkel frames combine quality and longevity. Our network of professionals provides lifetime after-sales service on your frames to ensure that they always meet your expectations and match your style.

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